ANNOUNCING: Todd Mitchem's FINAL DJ skills training workshop intensive! 

These intense workshops will build skills within you that enable you to overcome any obstacle in your business path. With technology changing almost daily around music and DJing, this set of workshops will prepare you for a new technological future by shaping the one thing no one can compete with, YOU!

Todd Mitchem has been training and developing speakers, DJs, and entertainers for nearly twenty years and now, in his final two-day training you will receive advanced skills that will take your DJ business to the next level and beyond.



In this video, Dennis Allan, President, Juiced Audio & Lighting, his perspective of why you should attend Todd Mitchem's workshop.


Denver, Colorado

June 26, 27, 2018

10am - 5pm each day. 


 Todd crushing another Mobile Beat Conference. MBLV22

Todd crushing another Mobile Beat Conference. MBLV22

After blowing the roof off the Mobile Beat Las Vegas in the spring of 2016, 2017 and 2018, Todd Mitchem is no longer going to be training DJs.  

For nearly twenty years Todd has educated entertainers like you his most practical skills on how to take control of any audience at any event. Now one more time, he offers this same learning to you in Denver, Colorado for two incredible learning days in June.

Attendance is limited. Make sure to sign up fast!

"YOu have a choice to make, do epic stuff or be MEDIOCRE and get TRAMPLED by your COMPETITION. What do you choose?"

The hardest part of being a DJ is that crisis moment when you freeze up and let the room control you, instead of you controlling the audience. This challenge, coupled with a person’s lack of skill around how to motivate an audience, can create a disaster at any event.  So, how do you better control your events? How do you walk into any event with confidence that you will change the game? How do you apply these new skills immediately, so you never feel that crisis again?

Todd has designed Hey DJ…Focus to be highly interactive and informative, with lessons that the participants can apply immediately to their performance. If you have ever felt that crisis moment of failure at an event, it’s time for you to disrupt your DJ business, by sharpening the skills needed to become a powerhouse performer who can handle anything. It’s time for you to ReFocus.

 Todd Mitchem rocking the house and MBLV21.

Todd Mitchem rocking the house and MBLV21.

About Todd Mitchem

Todd Mitchem—a lifelong disruptor—challenges everything in his business career as well as in his personal life. Before his leadership and corporate work, Todd was an accomplished Mobile DJ and entertainer.  He performed as a warm up act for some of the world’s tops acts and built the longest running interactive musical comedy show in Chicago called “Comedy You Can Dance To” which ran for nearly 22 years.

Todd is also an entrepreneur, seasoned senior leader, speaker, and author.  Along with his passion for running companies and developing new successful entrepreneurial projects, Todd delivers presentations that guide audiences on the power of transformational change, collaboration, and communication to solve the biggest challenges facing business and society today. As a senior leader, Todd has guided some of the top brands in the world in the area of re-structure, innovation, cooperation, and business development.

Watch Todd Mitchem masterfully control 2500 Pizza Hut Managers in this corporate leadership conference. (Ignore the costume)

REGARDLESS of your style or skill, these workshops will change you from the inside out and prepare you for gaining a new market advantage! 


850.00 1,150.00


“With only limited available seats to ensure that everyone receives a powerful learning experience, I am confident this will be a very compelling and Disruptive event that will change the abilities of any DJ who needs to motivate an audience...any audience.  I have leveraged these same skills for over 25 years.”

You don’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime educational experience.

Who: For mobile DJs, club DJs or any entertainer looking to connect and control ANY audience.

When and Where: 

- TWO-DAY WORKSHOP in a private setting

- June 26th and 27th, 2018

- 10am - 5pm each day

- Denver, CO area

Investment: $850 (DISCOUNTED UNTIL June 10, DOWN FROM $1150!)

Attendees will learn how to overcome any situation and learn to make new fantastic audience engagement opportunities.:

Avoiding the typical DJ trapsLearning how to take calculated risks at each eventMotivating and captivating ANY size audienceOvercome barriers at the event or club and turning them into tools for success rather than crisis elements

After selecting make sure to complete the purchase.