"Bottom line - Todd and his program has fundamentally changed our company for the better."

Keith Dodds, SVP Marketing


Leadership coaching can be one of the most impactful methods to draw out the potential of any top leader in the organization. The most senior leaders in a company often struggle to find credible coaching outlets because most coaches do not have the practical experience to teach them.

In order for this type of coaching to be effective, the leader teacher must be thoughtful around approach so that each session is individualized.  By “meeting them where they are” a more powerful connection and conviction can be formed.

Todd teaches the senior leader how to overcome obstacles holding them back from their ultimate potential. From teaching his clients to be more connected to their team to teaching them how to synergize the power of millennials and the wiser older generations, Todd sets himself apart from other leadership developers. He works one-on-one with each leader on a weekly basis to drawn out hidden potential for them in areas that are most important while keeping an eye on what will yield the greatest impact for the company. Each session is typical one-two hour for a duration of one quarter (3 moths) of the year for maximum results

Now Coachingworks because it is simple.

1) Understand the leader's core challenges through discovery

2) Once baseline is established, determine most important attributes to change

3) Observe the leader in his or her environment

4) Map a clear path to where the leader wants to go

5) Apply weekly coaching to achieve the goal

For the top of the company.

Todd typically works with teams of 1-5 top leaders for the duration of at least one quarter of the year (3 months).  This coaching is customized. Todd’s ability to “meet the leader where they are” coupled with his years of experience as a leader himself, ranging from VP to CEO, Todd knows how to engage and how to get breakthrough results.