Doing good never felt so good.

What an exciting time!  With now multiple successful cannabis projects under my belt, it is time to move onto three important causes that need my full attention.  It's also time to do more good work around the US by raising the bar for all cannabis start ups, legalization efforts, and building quality standards.

 First a quick note about High There! 

Wow, what a journey, and an amazing one for sure.  I have spent a year making something and bringing together a team of amazing people to build the world’s first global social network for cannabis enthusiasts.  And we nailed it!  I am so proud of the work we accomplished, the friendships that have been made, and the amazing people I brought together to carry on the mission.  Like with most start up environments that I have ever been involved in, there is a time to move on to the next venture.  That being said, this one was tough to leave.  

However, I have felt a calling for some bigger things and it was time to hand the reigns over to another team. The new team has full time leaders who will carry the torch to more greatness.  A special note, I applaud the brilliance of Mitch Lane, CTO and the entire original team at High There! and I know they will continue to be successful.  - (You can see some of the media samples of this part of my journey here)

Onward. Time to change, everything.

Those of you who know me, already know, that I have a real passion for two things: helping others and cannabis.  I also tend to disrupt t the space with my work. Thus, now with my newest projects I will get to satisfy all these elements at once.  

In this industry we have a real chance to build products, philanthropy, and education that will not only finally move cannabis into the mainstream legal framework, but will also be a leader industry for other industries to follow.  Over my years in the space, I have seen much passion, innovation, and exciting new technologies develop.  Now, for my current work it was time to go to a new level and apply my nearly 18 years of business experience to the new and exciting future for the cannabis movement.

 Safe, Clean, Consumption - Building clean tech 

There is a very special project I am collaborating on that will change the world of cannabis consumption and do so in a way, that will be best for all consumers.  As you may already know, my mother is a terminal cancer survivor and used cannabis to stop her cancer in its tracks.  Because there are more people like my mother and people that use cannabis, I wanted to be a part of a truly innovative and revolutionary product line. A product that makes cannabis consumption the safest method on Earth, for people like my mother.  Keep connected to me for the update and launch which is coming very soon. 

 “THE WAY” – Home for mentally disabled who will also work in the cannabis industry

You may not be aware that I have an amazing sister who is developmentally disabled.  She is a light in the world, but similar to the nearly 5 million people like her in the US, she lacks adequate options to independently live and work.  Therefore, with the help of family, friends, and the industry, my company TMC will be launching “THE WAY”.  A new way of life for adults with mental disabilities. 

What will make this ranch environment special is that it is not only a facility for people with mental disabilities to live and work, but we will be employing these adults in the cannabis industry.  I am proud of those of you who came out in support of this effort over the last couple of weeks and who have agreed to employ these workers when we are up and running.  I will update you all on the progress of this project, but for now you can get involved by emailing my assistant with your interest.

The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Production

Along with all of this, I am working deeply with the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Production to further the good work around building standards in the cannabis industry.  We are an ever growing force with quality partners and companies that want to see this industry moved to a new level of consumer protection, consumer health, and safety. In addition, helping make laws that make sense for the consumers and businesses.  You can learn more about our efforts and work with the Attorneys General across the US here:

Stay connected to all that we are doing, my new team and the amazing projects at TMC. We are dedicated to the further legitimizing of the emerging cannabis industry. - Follow my blog here:

Also, make sure to download High There! app to stay connected to the consumers around the world who, like you, want to see cannabis legal everywhere. 



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