False equivalencies about weed are just….false! - Cannabis is "MEDICREATIONAL" not one or the other.

“From now on in my presentations I am only using the word ‘Medi-creational’ to describe the category most appropriate for marijuana.”

by Todd Mitchem

One day I walked into the High There! office feeling frustrated. I had just been in a heated debate with several government officials who were arguing the merits of comparing weed to booze when articulating the risks of both. I was trying to help them understand the need to stop building a false comparative to alcohol, tobacco and prescription meds. The meeting ended when I said, “Cannabis doesn’t fit into these categories. It’s not recreational or medical, it is both.”

For years now I have been at this cannabis game.  First, as a consumer making my own “pot brownies” at home and then as a leader in the industry, I learned many ways cannabis could be consumed and how to do it safely.  In fact, I have learned so much from being inside the industry; and while I am not an expert at everything, I have learned key things which help me to build a new companies around it. 

I remember how excited I was to call my mother and tell her I finally understood why the plant she was consuming saved her life from cancer.  It was the endocannabinoid system, a group of neuromodulatory lipids and their receptors in the brain that are involved in a variety of physiological processes that can help heal the body. What an amazing discovery!  We already have these receptors in our bodies, meaning that cannabis enters our bodies and actually attaches to these receptors to begin healing our ailments. I also learned that cannabis, widely known for the THC cannabinoid (only one of over 60), actually uses all the different cannabinoids in your body to treat all sorts of ailments. You often need THC to activate certain ailment-curing components.  So in effect you are getting high and taking good care of your body at the same time.

I have decided it is time to give cannabis a new category.  We need to remove it from comparisons to booze and medicine. After all, I am working every day, building brands, talking to the media and working to help; move the needle for standards so that I help to set the tone for the new era of cannabis consumer. I want all types of cannabis-loving people to have the ability to connect and share experiences to help each other learn about this amazing plant. I also want to stop the stigmatization of cannabis culture by establishing that weed is not only good but good for you. In fact, in my last project, High There! my goals were to create a format for people to interact.  

This new word is simple; "Medi-creational" because cannabis benefits your health and your recreation at the same time!”

Cannabis is not just medicine and it is not just recreation. Marijuana is one of the only substances on Earth that will heal you while you are feeling amazing. So I have made it my responsibility to carry the message that we are no longer going to allow false equivalencies to be attached to this plant.  Won't you join me in your declaration?