Top Picks from Todd: Why I picked ‪@dubyapp as the app to watch in 2016

 Top Picks from Todd: Why I picked @dubyapp as the app to watch in 2016

App Technology in the Cannabis Space for Meeting People

When I think of all the good that is being done in the cannabis industry, I get really excited.  Since I have been working with or founding top brands in the space for three years, my eye is tuned to the things that really work long term versus the companies or multitude of ideas that will ultimately be wiped out as soon as the cannabis movement goes mainstream and HUGE players move into the space. (Yes, that’s going to happen.)

So today I wanted to kick off this series of “Top Picks from Todd” to focus on something that is near and dear to my heart:  namely app technology in the cannabis arena for social networking.  After I spent time on the apps MassRoots, Facebook, Duby, Instagram, and High There!, I quickly realized that there was one standout which really captured what I think is the essence of a new age of cannabis social media in a very unique way.

A State of Social Networking for Cannabis Lovers

Facebook this past month has been shutting down page after page of cannabis-related companies.  It is staggering how fast and how many they are closing.  Instagram is doing the same thing, only faster and in a more rude fashion (like deleting everything, seriously.) So in the mainstream social networking space, all you tens of millions of legal cannabis consumers in the US alone are getting more and more rejected and stigmatized.  Furthermore, canna-businesses, who collectively generated revenue in 2015 of over $5b in the US, are locked out constantly.

What we have needed in the cannabis app space is a new face that could speak to three generations of consumers, engage the user base, and ultimately bring cannabis into the mainstream.

My Top Social Networking and Business Promotional app in the cannabis space is Duby!



As I stated above, up until now no single app has asked the question, “How do we embrace ALL cannabis consumers, give them an addicting platform that makes them want to spend hours connecting and sharing, and actually stay focused on amazing stable tech?”  Duby has conquered this and it is starting to catch fire.  When launching, Duby sought to do what ALL major successful apps (Snapchat, Periscope, Pinterest) did and that was to build an amazing stable product. 

I pass the Duby…Do you?

When you begin to use the app, right away you will be taken into a world of sharing (passing) and you will become addicted to the total control you have over putting out someone’s image or passing the Duby to others.  The best part is that when you post you can see instantly not only how far your Duby travelled, but also how many times it was passed.

Another cool feature is the ability to message people when you see their Duby.  That’s a really fun way to connect with all types of your fellow lovers of cannabis, and perhaps cannabis lovers.  Once you have a large group of followers you can pass a Duby to them all at once! How cool is that?

Businesses get to pass the Duby too and it’s changing the ad game.

Duby is also packing some real fire with the way they allow businesses, ANY BUSINESS, to build a profile and pass Dubys.  When I watch brands in Duby, I watch to see if an ad campaign resonated with users or not, and this feedback is instant.  I predict that when the word gets out about this app and how businesses can use it without fear of being shut down, it will catch on like fire.

But why does it work so well?

Duby is so addictive and powerful for a very important and innovative reason.  You—as the user of the app—NEVER get a chance to opt out of participation.  You either put out a Duby or pass it.  I like when cool apps hook my attention immediately. This is an experiential environment that feels and looks good.  Unlike Instagram, where you simply voyeuristically stare at the screen while at the DMV, Duby wants your participation.  I predict you will love interacting with users, companies, and perhaps even a celebrity or two.

I also believe that in the future, Duby will dominate the app space in general because it appeals to the mainstream consumer AND the dedicated weed genius.  And even though right now there are many marijuana pictures (people are proud of their plants evidently), there are more and more people posting motivational material, cool pics, videos and ads that make us laugh.  I predict we will see a major mainstream celebrity and a politician passing Dubys before long.

For all of this and the trends I am seeing in the mainstream app world for social networking, I feel that Duby should be YOUR choice for having a great time:  by passing your unique Dubys to your friends or to make new friends.  And if you have a company that is looking to speak directly to cannabis-loving consumers (who, by the way, love Uber, good food, and have disposable income), I suggest you build your profile and see if you are clever enough to get your Duby passed.

Todd Mitchem



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