So you think you're a 5?

So you think you're a 5? 

What you don't know may be killing your score - A self assessment tool for all.
by Todd Mitchem - #DisruptionEffect

The almighty performance survey!  We have all taken them and many of us have been the leader being rated on our performance.  While this experience can be a painful one for some leaders, with the right Disruptive Mindset you can actually learn a great deal from these evaluations.  If you choose to take ownership of the results and take action toward being coached in a positive direction, you can benefit greatly from these types of feedback tools.

Most of you know I have worked as a leadership coaching professional and as a presenter for many years.  I have worked with, coached, and helped restructure some of the world’s largest companies.  I have also spent time building my own companies, and working with start-ups as a CEO.  During this time, I have followed and continue to follow the structure of Assess The Leader, Teach the New Lesson, and Coach for Success as a tool to improve each of my client’s leadership skill areas. This simple formula has helped me over the years to change not only a leader’s results, but to change them as a person.  After all, I would not be considered a #DisruptionEffect expert if I were not willing to push people even farther than they imagined.

So today I wanted you to have my top competency attributes and scale for rating yourself as well as rating others.  These top five are the ones I believe hold the biggest rewards regarding your development as a leader and individual contributor.

Todd's Top Five Competencies

1) Ability to Communicate and Share Vision – Being a clear communicator and taking responsibility for a message to be received clearly.  You demonstrate this when you take responsibility for mutual understanding.

2) Hold Self and Others Accountable – Taking ownership over success as well as failure. You demonstrate this when you make a mistake and take full ownership over your part of the failure.

3) Authenticity – Being real and genuine with the team. You demonstrate this by speaking conversationally and allowing your guard to drop.

4) Executional Brilliance – Keeping your energy focused, and your activities focused on the same goal, executing on a goal. You demonstrate this by not allowing your tasks to be viewed as the achievement, but rather the actual completed goal as the achievement.

5) Honesty and Integrity – Fulfilling promises, building a team that is open, and creating an environment of integrity.  You demonstrate this daily by speaking the truth in kind ways and ensuring that what you say you will do.

Sure, there are many other categories, subcategories and numerous other angles for discussion about effective leadership but, in my experience, most other finite skills can be packed into one of these categories.  Your work on this self-assessment can quickly give you a gauge for how well you are doing in these areas as a leader. Honest self-reflection is the key to owning your own development and success.

NOW: For this quick self-diagnostic tool, I want you to assign a score of “1 through 5” for the statements below, where 5 is rated as absolutely brilliant  and a score of 1 for the need of urgent help in that area.

What I hope you can see is in which areas you may need improvement.


- Read the above competencies and on a piece of paper, or spreadsheet, mark your scores for each statement.

- Next write a one-sentence reason you rated yourself this way.

- Finally review your answers with a colleague, friend, spouse or other person you trust.  For fun, you could even print the five statements out and have someone else rate you first and then see how your own assessment matches up.

- If you have any statements with scores below a three in ANY category, you need to find a coach or a leadership development trainer in your company or simply email me for advice.  Do not let a 1 or 2 score go untreated because, if you do, it’s like a small fracture that’s being ignored and it will become a break over time.

We all know from decades of teaching that leaders are critical when you consider the complexities of a well-run company. Teams at a company do not do what they are told, they do what they see the leaders demonstrate as it pertains to the above core competency areas. When the leader does not focus on the needed changes in their deficient competency, a company can quickly decline in the following areas: company culture, results, and employee satisfaction.  For you and your new Life Disrupted, I suggest you take this self-assessment on a monthly basis and talk to different people to see how you can improve each area needing attention.  Most of all, be fearless around learning, growing and Disrupting your own life.

Was this useful?  Comment to me your comments and questions.  Next week I will send you another message with tools you can use to improve in each of the five core competencies.

Todd Mitchem

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