TMC proudly represents a very select client base in the area of government affairs.  The team works with all levels of regulators across the United States and all over the world.  With decades of experience in successfully negotiating positive outcomes for their clients, Todd Mitchem Companies prides itself on the quality of governmental relationships it has built along with a professional and expert team of leaders who understand the delicate nature of working with government agencies.


Working with the government ether at a city level or all the way to the federal level, requires a relationship and bridge building methodology which leans more toward collaboration and diplomacy rather than a forceful approach. We have assembled a team of government affairs experts, attorneys and leaders to get the results our clients expect. The focus of TMC in any engagement is to obtain a client's desired outcome while setting them up for future success.  


Types of Engagements

A typical TMC engagement falls into one of the below categories:

- Crisis management with extreme urgency

- Relationship building with governments to gain future strategic outcomes

- Long term monthly engagement to achieve multiple outcomes across many jurisdictions, states, and even countries.

- Articulating PR messaging in relationship to government affairs outcomes


"We refuse to take on clients with situations where we are not 100% confident we can solve the issue and get the desired result. We have built a reputation as problem solvers for a reason. The respect we have gained with regulators, government agencies and our clients proves this."

- Todd Mitchem, Founder/CEO

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Todd Mitchem Companies LLC, CEO, Speaks to Attorneys General About Marijuana Policy, Mainstream Advertising, and Need for Faster Regulation Reform

Marijuana Industry signals a changing focus toward consumer safety.

DENVER, July 27, 2016 - To a full house in Idaho, at the Conference of Western Attorneys General annual meeting, Todd Mitchem, CEO of Todd Mitchem Companies (TMC) as well as past Cannabis Industry leader, spoke on the speed at which the Cannabis Industry is growing and the need for Marijuana companies to collaborate with regulators. Todd also hit hard on a new concern: the way in which mainstream corporations are advertising their products to Marijuana consumers. "It's an interesting turn when companies like General Mills are marketing the same snacks to kids and Marijuana consumers on billboards," Mitchem stated and went on to say, "Regulators are asking the Cannabis Industry to act responsibly and we agree with them completely. We also need to help mainstream companies understand how to operate by the same set of standards, so that kids are kept safe." 

Commenting on Todd's presentation was Director of CWAG, Karen White. White pointed out that Todd was on point: "Todd has worked with us in the past and we hope his connections in the Marijuana industry will serve as a bridge to mainstream companies as he helps them navigate this new territory. No matter where Attorneys General fall in regards to marijuana legalization in their particular state, every single regulator in the country can agree marijuana advertising must not be aimed at or attractive to youth."

No stranger to speaking to regulators, Todd's presentation is one of his many, around a more collaborative effort with companies in the Marijuana Industry. "We've reached a crossroad in the area of Marijuana regulation. Industry players, many of which we represent, seek to work with regulators to ensure that the highest standards are in place surrounding issues like: pesticides, protecting kids, and overall consumer safety. We can't protect consumers if we're fighting with regulators."

Mitchem made a bold statement in support of responsible business supporting the City of Denver and homeless who travel to the City for the Marijuana Industry. "In the past the Industry was largely adversarial and resisted Government. The time has now come for the Marijuana Industry to support and work with cities like Denver, to find solutions, support improvements financially, and help keep the City safe. We don't want to foster unintended consequences. We agree that homelessness is a huge problem in Denver, and we stand with the Mayor and his team, working together to solve this challenge."

Mitchem's statements ushered in a new era for the Marijuana Industry. For the first time since it began, certain companies are splitting from the mindset of activism and moving toward the mindset of cooperation with Government to make rules, standards, and support the community. "Activism got us here which we are grateful for, but activism is not a business model that will sustain as huge mainstream companies continue entering the Marijuana Industry. Only as collaborators and supporters of Government can we build a stronger Industry and set the bar for regulation, all while doing what is right for consumers."

About Todd Mitchem Companies:

Todd Mitchem has worked across countless industries to change the way we all think about business, government and working together for common goals. TMC works to carry that same philosophy forward in three distinct areas. From our founder's energetic and powerful keynote presentations, to our unique brand of government affairs engagements, and our non-profit venture based on Todd's own sister Holli's inspirational journey as an adult with intellectual disabilities, we at Todd Mitchem Companies demonstrate that powerful solutions are achievable. We work each day to disrupt the world with collaborative customized solutions built to last.


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