“Todd is a committed and personable professional who is devoted to his clients and their success. I appreciate his solution-oriented approach to clients and their multiple requests. He's a joy to work with.”

Belinda Brin - Manager, Organization Development, Nestle Purina PetCare


Many speakers utilize theoretical learning without actually living the teaching.  Todd Mitchem gives you practical learning through his motivational and energetic performance.  He utilizes real situations from his many successes.  These presentations are perfect for a large group needing to overcome adversity, and groups who are working to reframe challenges in all aspects of life, business, government affairs, leadership and more.

Since 2000, Todd has entertained audiences in over 2,000 presentations across the world. His unique and honest approach to learning helps him guide the captivated audience and embed learning effectively. Todd changes the person from the inside out and teaches how to apply the knowledge in a new way. He gives leaders the skills needed to change the game, individuals the power to achieve amazing results and the entrepreneur learning that accelerates their success.


In each of Todd's below presentations, participants apply the learning immediately.



Redefining risk in a way that makes you want to take one.

Timing: 60-90 minutes for keynote and optional 2-4 hour workshop


We’ve been lied to about risks and all the reasons for why we shouldn’t take them. Todd argues that taking RISK should be the NEW NORMAL, but only if we understand the truth. He wants us to ask ourselves, what can we truly lose and what are we really afraid of? Through his own life mastery of risk, developing “intentional whys”, embracing crisis, and discovery of the death principle, Todd has unlocked a new approach to risk. The truth of it will open up human potential in ways we never imagined.

Leveraging entertaining stories, true life successes and an honest approach to risk, Todd Mitchem takes your team on a journey into realizing the hidden potential around risk taking if done in a new and unique way. Featuring never before discussed radical thinking on the subject, Todd challenges each and every participant to expand and take a risk.

If it's time to motivate your team to be less risk adverse and more calculating around risk taking, it's time for this presentation.

Participants learn to:

  • Define an Intentional Why to drive all risk taking
  • Leverage the "Death Principle" to engage urgency
  • Never fear the bear named Crisis
  • Engage a focused risk taking lifestyle
  • Master risk as a new normal
  • Apply the learning to work and life


Unlocking Your Team's Potential by Shaking, Breaking, and Challenging Everything...for the better

Timing: 60-90 minutes for keynote and optional 2-4 hour workshop


Sticking to the same old routine may be comforting, but it gets most people nowhere. Inspirational speaker and recognized expert in leadership and government affairs, Todd Mitchem dares you to step outside your comfort zone to disrupt everything you take for granted. He calls this willingness to take a risk "You, Disrupted." In this inspiring presentation, Todd shows you how to realize your full potential by intentionally disrupting yourself, no matter what career path or life journey you choose.


Your group will benefit from the exercises to help them master important lessons and stay on track to reach their goals. They will also love the clear message of : You, as an individual, have the power to break your paradigm in order to move into a new phase of your life. You, have the power to positively disrupt your work in effective ways. By disrupting your own way of being in the world, you become free to explore new ways of living and thriving.

Isn't it time you motivated your team to WAKE UP!?! They have been lulled to sleep by technology, their negative inner-defeated-self and the countless negative people surrounding them.  They allow others and circumstances to be their excuses for failure.  Most people are so lost in their habitual complaining that they no longer understand how to shake up their environment so best ideas can flow.  

Is your company struggling with how to connect with employees of all ages?  Are your people disengaged?  Are your leaders struggling in general and need a rocket-booster that will push them to take ownership of themselves, their decisions and outcomes?  Book Todd Mitchem for the "You Disrupted" so your team can find new ways to thrive.

Through entertaining and energizing stories about his actual experiences in the entertainment industry, as a leader working with top brands around the world, his work disrupting businesses to success and his disruptive experiences in the controversial marijuana industry, Todd teaches the group the most important skills that he used to positively impact the world, build top brands and lessons he taught some of the largest companies in the world.

Participants learn to:

  • Remove Habitual reasons for behaving and replace them with Intentional ones.
  • Self-assess abilities combined with input from peers
  • Disrupt thinking and find unconventional solutions
  • Reboot thinking to create a new Attitude, Vision, Plan and Tap into Instinct
  • Use every challenge as fuel to drive success with USE IT!
  • Effectively overcome distractions to produce the end result as planned

USE IT so you stop losing it.

Timing: 60-90 minutes for keynote and optional 2-4 hour workshop


When you or your team encounters life's stressful situations, what do you do? How do you react?  Are you the master of road rage?  Do you lash out uselessly at others when you don't get your way?  Have you ever uttered the words, "You are making me mad?" Do you have a team that constantly reacts in a negative way? Are you tired of the dysfunction?

If so, you need to learn to and teach your team to "USE IT!"  

These five simple building blocks work together to build a stronger foundation for people who want to rise above the complexities of stressful situations.  

Employees who experience "Use It" manage conflict better and become more productive team members. Change is managed in a more fluid fashion because of this philosophy. Individuals who "Use It" in their personal lives improve the quality of their relationships.

“Use It” works because it helps you take ownership over the one person you can control, YOU.

Participants will learn:

  • The foundational five steps of "Use It"
  • How to apply "Use It" at work
  • Tools to hold themselves personally accountable
  • Tools to become the owner of their own behavior and thinking

“THANK YOU” seems small to me when compared to the difference that “USE IT”  has made in my life."

Sabrina Muhler
Human Resources Generalist, Unitime Systems Inc.



"Todd brings an exceptional level of energy and enthusiasm to his delivery. He partners well in tandem with the in-house core team and adapts content as needed. His sessions are very well received."

LYLE MARTIN – SVP - Allergan

"Todd was able to energize the audience and make it something memorable to the participants. He is both professional and creative in a way that few people are."

Erik Eichinger

Senior Manager, People Development at Pizza Hut

"Todd is liquid dynamite on stage. He is intuitive and inspiring, helping large and small groups achieve outstanding results for themselves and their companies. Get Todd Mitchem, make something happen."

BOYSEN HODGESON - Mankind Project

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