Shift your perception by disrupting everything.

Todd Mitchem has worked across countless industries to change the way we all think about business, leadership, self improvement, and working together for common goals. Todd has taken start up companies to top status, tackled the most challenging leadership environments, and has disrupted, for the positive, every environment he has touched. He works to carry that same philosophy forward in his powerful Keynote Presentations. When Todd speaks to your group, they will learn to positively disrupt the world, starting with the one person they can control: themselves.


Now in his new book, You, Disrupted, Todd combines his experience in business and entertainment spanning countless industries and organizations. Educational, entertaining, and reflective, it provides readers with examples of years of trials and failures that Todd turned into successful opportunities. More importantly, You, Disrupted provides readers the motivation and tools to do the same with their own lives. 

  • Author of You, Disrupted (Spring 2017)
  • Over 2000 presentations given worldwide
  • Coached hundreds of top executives from Fortune 500 and 100 companies
  • Disrupted, Entertainment with interactive comedy show lasting over twenty years
  • Disrupted business world with "Inquisitive Leadership" and "Disrupting Risk" 
  • Disrupted new industry as...
  • CRO of start up, O.penVAPE lead to "Largest Brand" status and national expansion with 1600% growth! 
  • Co-founder and CEO of High There!, worlds first global social network for cannabis enthusiasts
  • First speaker to address standards, compliance and government affairs standards for Conference of Western Attorneys General

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