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The TEST....Hire right the first time!

How to hire new employees the right way the first time.  

Hiring, training, and then eventually letting-go of an employee, costs valuable time and money.  CareerBuilder estimates that a bad hire will cost them at least $25,000 over the course of a year and countless hours of time.  Further, it's estimated that, for small businesses, where employees are expected to do many different jobs, the cost can balloon up to $190,000 per year.

But this is not necessary.  Author, speaker, CEO, and Disruptor Todd Mitchem, talks candidly about his best practice for hiring the right employee the FIRST time. Todd's proven "TEST" model has worked across many industries and size companies ranging from Fortune 100 to small startups. The "TEST" is simple and easy to follow.

T - Talent Search - In this step you will learn how and what to write in your candidate search, that yields you better results for applicants and prepares them for the qualifying task of the test.

E - Evaluate - How you evaluate submissions and go beyond resumes, LinkedIn, and recommendation letters. This step teaches you how to filter applicants more thoughtfully to get to the top candidates who can actually achieve the results you need.

S - Set Up - Setting up your new, potential employees with the right parameters from the start is not something to take lightly. In this step, you will  learn how to prepare the right candidates for success while getting the "time wasters" to remove themselves from the running.

T - Test - In this section you will learn how to test the new, potential employees in a way that gives you definite and measurable baseline for their capabilities for the selected position. You will be amazed by some stories where people actually refused the test, but still wanted to get the job. The TEST works!

In this one hour presentation, Todd and his team will tell you real stories that relate to the TEST implementation in your organization and look like a "hiring hero" immediately.

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How to Live Fearless in 2017


"Three Steps to Live a Fearless and Exciting 2017"

you will get to hear an inspiring story from my partner in life and business, Diana, as we discuss how she overcame fear when she immigrated to America at the age of 12 after not seeing her mother for over seven years. You will hear about how she overcame fear to master english in less than two years, graduate high school early and how she overcame massive obstacles to achieve amazing results. 

She and I talk about what really causes fear in your life and how you can overcome this fear NOW.

Regardless of your fear or anxiety, there is something you can do—get ready for another 365 days with a new outlook on your life and more control over the only person you can control: YOU. 

In his new book,, You, Disrupted, Todd Mitchem talks about fear in this way, "Fear, you worthless mental state, tying people in knots and causing them to make terrible life choices. Fear, you hungry demon feeding on the negative internal dialogue I have created for a lifetime.” This excerpt from the book (coming spring 2017) may seem lyrical or even poetic. Taking a closer look, though, it outlines all of the areas we go through the second we feel fear. For us to conquer our individual fears in 2017, we must first redefine fear: 

What Fear is: Fear is based on assumptions, negative self-talk, and constructs telling a negative story. Fear is a myth your mind creates to justify why you will always flounder in an ocean of dread, anxiety, and panic and you will never succeed in anything you do. Fear is a lie, a lie you have created in your own head. 
What fear is not: Fear is not real. Period. It’s made up and your mind created it. 

To create an exciting and fearless 2017, follow these steps and take action now. Procrastination should not be one of your goals. This webinar will teach you to.... 

1) Understand the REAL cause of fear
2) Write and remove the excuses that lock you up
3) Take Action now! 

While the stressors of life won’t stop in 2017 and the scary stuff will find its way onto your social media news feed, you can make 2017 the best and most fearless year of your life so far. Follow these three steps for fear busting. You can disrupt your life for the better, because all it takes is positive and persistent action to reach the goals you have set. Do it NOW and join this webinar.

Reboot Your Team in 2017



A 3-step process for any leader to completely reboot their team without "cleaning house." 

Leadership expert, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and recognized thought leader in disruption, Todd Mitchem, will spend the hour relaying his three-step strategy leaders can follow to improve their team in the new year. 

Why does your team need a Reboot? 

Like a computer that often locks up and needs a reboot, your team also needs a refresh to achieve maximum efficiency and results. What better time than the turning of a new year to reboot the team? As the leader, you have an opportunity to refresh your team’s perspective, and this webinar can help. 

You will learn the 3-Step Reboot included in Todd's upcoming new book, You Disrupted. 

1. Reboot Attitude - The one problem most teams face is "Attitude Slip," in that the team has become dysfunctional due to politics, changes, or a general lack of positivity. In this step, you learn to reboot your attitude and theirs using the "Me Mad" challenge. 

2. Reboot The Vision - A clear vision is critical for any team. Toward the end of a year many teams lose sight of the unified vision, usually because they have been "putting out fires" all year. In this section, you will learn to develop a "Micro and Macro View" for your team that refreshes them in the New Year. 

3. Reboot The Plan - A great plan is only as good as the team's ability to execute. Without a clear plan, a team defaults to "Activity" as success rather than actual success. In this step, you learn to reboot the plan so your team is more likely to achieve real results. 

The bottom line is most teams fail because their leader often loses sight of what’s most important and, instead, forces too many programs and requirements upon them. Then, as with a computer running too many programs, a reboot is required. This webinar will teach you to begin the process of reconfiguring the one person who can change everything for your team . . . you.


USE IT when you want to lose it



"Engaging a 5 step strategy to overcome stressful situations at work and home." 

Leadership expert, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and recognized thought leader in disruption, Todd Mitchem, will spend the hour teaching you his proven 5 step process for turning any stressful person or situation into your control. 

We all seem to misfire on stressful situations and create a huge gap between what we know is the right behavior and a perpetual reactivity. But now you will USE it instead of lose it.

1) Understand and live with the Big Picture - A secret for always staying focused on what matters most while never putting the end result at risk. 

2) Say, "My attitude dictates my experience." - Ever said, "You are making me mad." That makes you part of the problem. 

3) Evict your ego - You keep trying to win and even if you do, everyone loses. In this section learn to evict that you who is causing you to make mistakes

4) I assume nothing - Ever make an assumption that was wrong? Worse, have you ever made an assumption, that was wrong, but you took action on it only to discover you were false? This section will stop you from making assumptions

5) This is not personal - It may feel personal when a co-worker or family member puts a stressful situation on you, but it's not. In this section learn to stop taking everything so personally. 

Leveraging funny stories, real world coaching examples and samples from his many presentations, Todd will teach you this process so you USE IT instead of Lose It. 

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Break Stuff and Hustle



"How to think, act, and win like a startup, while still being a corporation." 

Leadership expert, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and recognized thought leader in disruption, Todd Mitchem, will spend the hour relaying his strategies for success. Through a carefully crafted presentation following a story telling framework, Todd, will present strategies and key areas of improvement to becoming bigger and better in your industry. 

You too can think like a startup, a renegade, without destroying the world around you. Time to disrupt, Todd Mitchem style.

Among the topics addressed: 

1) Breaking and Fixing Communication - How to engage a new level of communication that is nimble, results focused, and is ACTUALLY effective. 

2) Breaking Meetings - How to conduct results focused meetings that value time and focus on the objective. 

3) Finding Accelerators - Every project could use wisdom. How to find and leverage the accelerators at your company in order to achieve maximum results and bust roadblocks. Tapping into the knowledge of everyone from millennials to baby boomers. 

4) Turning Accountability into Ownership - Leveraging a sense of ownership. And hustling like everything you do maters, because it does. 

Todd will take you on a journey into developing your own "Start Up" skills so that you too can learn to “Break the Mold and Hustle” for a new solution. Leveraging entertaining stories, experiences, and past successes you will gain new insights into what works and how to apply them immediately. 

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