Sometimes an hour long keynote presentation is only the beginning when it comes to learning new skills and impacting behavioral change. That's why, we at TMC, created workshop programs to fit your team's needs. From hiring techniques to ways how to positively disrupt your organization, we provide experiential, motivating, and engaging content, that will drive real change in your company.

Disrupt Communication

TIMING: 2 hours

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Team Members, Leaders, Corporations, and Start-Ups


"The new currency in modern business will be communication."

There was a time when you actually walked to people's offices and cubicles to solve an issue via face-to-face communication. Now, that's a thing of the past.  As a culture, we have become more and more lazy in our attempts to let technology do the work of communicating via our text messages, emails, and emojis. But, is that really working?

We are all, caught in a trap of texting, emailing, and constantly browsing social media on our phones, while we completely forget to use the device in our hands for what it's really best at: the phone call. This stops now! With engaging, interactive exercises, thoughtful discussions, and comedic entertaining style, Todd Mitchem, will enlighten your team as to what successful communication look like. He will show you how to overcome this lazy form of communication while teaching them the new skills needed to master face-to-face and phone communication. The workshop will also teach the participants how to properly leverage emailing and texting in a workplace, so that information thats being communicated is clear and not misunerstood.

Participants will learn:

1) “Two-to-Talk” Rule - In this highly interactive segment, participants will learn the impact of poor use of email and text messages. Everyone will also gain an understanding, through experiential means, on how to engage discipline around the need for face-to-face or phone communication to increase productivity and problem solving. 

2) The Interview - Have you ever thought about why some television interviewers are better than others? The simple answer is: interview skills. Your team will engage in an interview style exercise that will teach them how to become more inquisitive, pay attention to details, and ask the right questions at the right time. 

3) Removing Distractions - Multi-tasking has been the gold standard for several decades, however study after study proves that we are all terrible at it. While someone may think that they are completing many tasks in the time provided, they are actually becoming more and more distracted while losing the capability to focus, needless to say, the quality of their work will not be 100%. In this fun section, each person will watch other participants acting out real-life scenarios, after which, the group will discuss exactly what created assumptions, mis-understandings, and overall negative attitudes in the simulated interaction.

Break Through

TIMING: 4 hours

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Team Members, Leaders, Corporations, and Start-Ups


"How to think, act, and win like a startup, while still being a corporation." 

Through a carefully crafted presentation that follows a storytelling framework, Todd Mitchem, will present strategies and key areas of improvement in order to become a positively disruptive force at work and personal life for breakthrough results. Todd, will further bring the learning to life, via interactive scenarios, experiential learning, and group discussions, so that your team can apply the teachings immediately. 

You too, can think like a startup and an industry renegade, without destroying the team around you or breaking the established corporation framework. 

Among the topics addressed: 

1) Breaking and Fixing Communication - In this segment, Todd, will show everyone how to engage in a new level of communication that is nimble, results focused, and is ACTUALLY effective. Your team will also learn about the biggest communication pitfalls and how to avoid them in order to reach faster and better solutions to a problem.

2) Breaking Meetings - This section will allow your team to learn how to conduct result focused meetings, that value time and stay on target. Todd, will show you how to design a meeting that yields solution oriented outcome the first time, and what the team needs to prepare for, before each and every meeting. This learning will turn that "team collaboration hour" into breakthrough solutions.

3) Finding Accelerators - Every project could use wisdom. Your team will learn how to find and leverage the accelerators at your company, in order to achieve maximum results and positively disrupt roadblocks. Also, Todd, will teach the team how to tap into knowledge and skills from anyone with real life experiences and tried solutions instead of theories. Accelerators are everywhere, may it be millennials or baby boomers, everyone needs to see if their idea can speed up the combined journey, on the road to success. 

4) Turning Accountability into Ownership - You may have been taught that accountability is the only currency at your job, however that's not the case in today's changing markets and aggressive forecasts. In this segment, your team will learn how to start leveraging a sense of ownership that will increase productivity and solution driven goals, instead of focusing on meaningless tasks and wasted activity. Learn to hustle like everything you do maters, because it does. 


The TEST....Hire right the first time!

TIMING: 2-4 hours

TARGET AUDIENCE: Leaders, Hiring Managers, HR Professionals, Recruiters, Senior Leadership, Corporations, and Start-Ups


"How to hire new employees right the first time."  

Hiring, training, and then eventually letting-go of an employee, costs valuable time and money. CareerBuilder estimates that a bad hire will cost them at least $25,000 over the course of a year and countless hours of training and waisted time. Further, it's estimated that, for small businesses, where employees are expected to do many different jobs, the cost can balloon up to $190,000 per year.

But this is not necessary.  Todd Mitchem, teaches your team his best practices for hiring the right employee the FIRST time. Todd's proven "TEST" model has worked across many industries and companies, ranging from Fortune 100 to small startups. The "TEST" is simple and easy to follow and can be applied to any position and any project. Todd, uses discussion, group interaction, and engaging stories to lock in this valuable learning.

T - Talent Search - In this step you will learn how and what to write in your candidate search that will yield you better results for applicants and prepare them for the qualifying task of the test.

E - Evaluate - You will learn how to evaluate submissions and go beyond resumes, LinkedIn, and recommendation letters. This step teaches you how to filter applicants more thoughtfully, in order to find the top person, who can actually achieve the results you need.

S - Set Up - Setting up your new, potential employees with the right parameters from the start, is not something to take lightly. In this step, you will  learn how to prepare the right candidates for success, while getting the "time wasters" to remove themselves from the running. 

T - Test -  You will learn how to test the potential candidates, in a way that gives you definite and measurable baseline, for their capabilities for the selected position. You will be amazed by stories of people who actually refused the test, but still wanted to get the job. Or how many people see job applications as a hit or miss target practice by submitting dozens of resumes, but never really taking the time to see if they have the right skills for the job. 

Reboot Your Team

TIMING: 2-4 hours

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Level Leaders, Training Professionals, Corporations, and Start-Ups


"A 3-step process for any leader to completely reboot their team without "cleaning house." 

Todd Mitchem, will relay his three-step strategy that leaders can follow to improve their team, right now!

Why does your team need a Reboot? 

Like a computer that often locks up and needs a reboot, your team also needs a quick refresh once in a while, in order to achieve maximum task efficiency and result driven outcomes. What better time than now, to reboot the team? As the leader, you have an opportunity to refresh your team’s perspective with this hands-on workshop. 

The bottom line is that, most teams fail, because their leader often loses sight of what’s most important and instead, forces too many programs and requirements upon the employees. Then, as with a computer, thats running too many programs, a reboot is required or your entire team starts to shut down. This workshop will teach you how to begin the process of reconfiguring your team and the one person who can change everything. . . you.

You will learn the 3-Step Reboot which is included in Todd's upcoming new book, You Disrupted. 

1. Reboot Attitude - The one problem most teams face is "Attitude Slip," in that, the team has become dysfunctional due to politics, changes, or a general lack of positivity. In this step, you will learn how to reboot your and your team's attitude using the "Me Mad" challenge. This is a lesson that can and will be applied to every aspect of your life!

2. Reboot The Vision - A clear vision is critical for any team. Unfortunately toward the end of a quarter or a year, many teams lose sight of the unified vision. Usually this happens, because they have been "putting out fires" as long as they remember. While it may seem that it's part of their job, "putting out fires" actually takes away time and energy, as well as positive attitude from your employee. This overload of daily crisis creates a negative environment that spreads though a team like a virus. In this section, you will learn how to develop a "Micro and Macro View" for your team, that refreshes them and increases their effectiveness as an employee.

3. Reboot The Plan - A great plan is only as good as the team's ability to execute the goal oriented tasks. Without a clear plan, a team defaults to "Activity" or "Busy Work" as a measure of success, rather than actions and steps needed to reach the goal. In this part of the workshop, you will learn how to reboot the plan, so your team is more likely to achieve real results. 

USE IT when you want to lose it

TIMING: 4 hours

TARGET AUDIENCE: All Team Members, Leaders, Start-Ups


"Engaging a 5 step strategy to overcome stressful situations at work and at home." 

In this powerful and one of the most popular workshops at TMC, you will learn a proven 5-step process for turning any stressful person or situation into a learning opportunaty. 

We all seem to misfire during stressful situations, thus creating a huge gap between what we know is the right behavior and perpetual reactivity. But now you will USE IT, instead of lose it.

Leveraging funny stories, real world coaching examples, and integrating your companies's challenges into lessons, Todd will teach you the process of how to approach each and every situation and handle it as a professional.

1) Understand and live with the Big Picture - A secret for always staying focused on what matters most, while never putting the end result at risk. 

2) Say, "My attitude dictates my experience." - Have you ever said to another person, "You are making me mad"? If you have, then that makes you part of the problem. 

3) Evict your ego - You keep trying to win and even if you do, everyone loses. In this section learn to evict the mistake making part of your attitude.

4) I assume nothing - Have you ever made an assumption that was wrong? Or even worse, have you ever made an assumption, that was wrong, and you took action on it only to discover you were false? This section will stop you from making assumptions.

5) This is not personal - It may feel personal when a co-worker or family member creates a stressful situation, but it shouldn't be. In this section you will learn how to stop taking everything so personally. 


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